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We promote e-learning solutions to educational institutions. We use software packages such as MATLAB, Latex, Mathtype, Maple, STATISTICA, CorelDraw, and Adobe InDesign to deliver rich content, often bundled with multimedia. We are the ones who create learning content, create training modules, and are responsible for the delivery of such materials. Our primary function is to facilitate the use of technology by integrating learning modules into the teaching process. We also work with educators, and educators’ groups, providing them with help and guidance. Our designers are available to transform your online education with creative and engaging designs. Edusera Services Pvt Ltd is an experienced team creating fun, modern interfaces that are easy to use and beautiful.


  • K-12 & Higher Services
  • Assessments
  • Educational Content Development
  • Copy Editing & Type Setting
  • Curriculum Development
  • Manual Development Services
  • Quality Check
  • Tagging Services
  • Proofreading & Copyediting Services


  • Online Tutoring
  • Q&A / Home-Work Help
  • Textbook Solutions
  • Video Solutions & Explainer Videos
  • Flashcards

Our Services

Edusera Services Pvt Ltd

We believe great software is built with a great set of services. We offer a collaborative, measured, and business object-focused approach to increase your company’s overall maintenance.

Custom E-Learning

Your audience is the most critical aspect of custom eLearning. Therefore, content should be relevant and tailored to each audience. Edusera Services Pvt Ltd offers custom eLearning services to help you tailor training programs for a broad range of audiences worldwide. A diverse and experienced team is required to create custom eLearning content. It takes creative ideas and Instructional Design, Learning Psychology, and technical savvy to create custom eLearning content.

What Motivates Our Team?

Bottom line: We want you to positively impact all aspects of your life and have the most tremendous success at both personal and organizational levels. We are committed to your success and contribute to the success of others. Our creative, collaborative, and innovative strengths are evident in the services we provide. Edusera customized eLearning solutions can bring about desired changes in your employees’ learnings, actions, and behaviors.

Get best E-Learning Solutions

We avoid boredom in all our technology-driven online eLearning courses. Instead, we make the most of learners’ time by using attractive interfaces, customized characters, stunning backgrounds, incredible animations, challenging games, and unique interactions to engage them in every interaction.

We want to see tangible results in your business. This requires that you invest in your employees. Our eLearning services help people develop skills, take risks, and experience various decision consequences in an online, safe, and controlled learning environment.

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